UGentMemorialis contains information about more than three thousand Ghent professors between 1817 and 2012. It is a realization of UGentMemorie, a part of the History department, in collaboration with Ghent University Library. The database is launched in preparation for the bicentennial of the Ghent University in 2017.

The digital catalogue collects information about the Ghent professors: their social background, education and academic career. In addition, biographical information and the history of the administrative division of the university are also included. To determine the data, the Libri Memorialis of 1913 and 1960, administrative guides and directories, secondary literature about the university and its professors, and the Ghent University Archive were consulted.

UGentMemorialis provides a historical overview of the professors and the often complex administrative division through the history of the institution. Moreover, it wants to stimulate research in the field of history of science and university history, social history and historical pedagogy.

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Christophe Verbruggen, Gita Deneckere, e.a. “UGentMemorialis. Biographical data of UGent professors between 1817 and 2012 [Dataset]”. www.UGentMemorialis.be